Bible Revelations




Table of Contents 

Jesus Christ, The Only Savior . Page 02

What is it that makes Jesus The Only Savior?

What make the other gods false?


Free-Will of Man     Page 04

Does God force His will on man?

Why are we given the power to Choose good or evil?


Death and Judgment   Page 06

Are we appointed one death and Judgment?

How are those who are resurrected judged if they die twice?


Seven Keys to Biblical Prophecy .. Page 08

Exclusive: Unveiling the mysteries of Seven major End-Time events.

This is revelation knowledge at The highest level. This is a must

For Teachers and Pastors.


Baptism: In whose Name? . Page 46

Should the church baptize in The name of Jesus or the Trinity?


Laying on of Hands Page 48

What is its purpose and origin?

How are we using it today?


Our Part in Jihad Page 51

Should the church be a Spectator in the war on

Terrorism? What is our part in a holy war.


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