The Lion of Judah Ministry sponsors this site as a means of strengthening the Body of Christ. The site contains information ranging from the Five Basic principles of salvation to the deepest of mysteries. All persons are welcome to the knowledge revealed unto us by The Holy Spirit and we hope that it will be used to correct any errors that may be present within your group as well as answer any questions you may have had about mysteries. 

The focus of our site at present is the "Bible Revelations" magazine. This is where you will find most of the articles dealing with errors, prophecies and mysteries. Also included on our site is an statement of some of the fundamental beliefs of the ministry. This section is called :What We Believe". With it you can get an "At-a-glance" view of who we are from a doctrinal standpoint. Please take time and browse the various sections of this site. It is intended to be a help to you in every way.


If you have questions, comments, support, or recommendation we would appreciate having them.

Thank you for logging on and enjoy the blessings that God has provided through us.


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