Bible Revelations Magazine

Bible Revelations magazine has been created for the purpose of giving the public a view of the bible and the world from a clinical scriptural perspective. The magazine is not based on any denomination or group theology. It is based solely upon the Word of God. The purpose for the Lion of Judah Ministry producing this work is to increase the general knowledge of all saints.

The magazine is written with the understanding that there are several things which all saints of God have in common, regardless of the denomination. There are also several things that many denominations share that are not in keeping with the doctrine of Christ. In the articles presented in this magazine, the ministry is focusing on how best to serve the majority of the saints of God. To do this, the ministry is commissioned to destroy the errors which infect the body of Christ by examining the scriptures for the truth. You will find that there are many articles that fly in the face of time honored traditions of men. This is not because the magazine is attempting to be radical, it is an indication of how far the body of Christ has drifted from the straight and narrow path of the truth.

Many will feel that our views are rigid and uncompromising. Many will feel that we are arrogant in our attitude, but regardless of what your opinion of us happens to be, we hope that you will receive the information given with an open mind. We do not for once intend to suggest that we are capable of doing all of the things that we make you aware of in our articles. Our aim is to make sure that you know the truth so that you will not be unknowingly outside the will of God.

Another important purpose of this magazine is to give the average saint the training necessary for him to contend for the faith. While there are many saints who exhort sinners to be "born again", there are not nearly as many saints able to explain in a clear and understandable way what "born again" actually entails. There are many saints who are attacked in streets, on their jobs, and even in their homes by members of other religions that attempt to force their errors on the saints. While many resist the advances, they are not all able to defend the gospel and destroy the error. Therefore, the body of Christ has begun to acquire a reputation for being sheepish and weak. This type of reputation make it hard to attract the lost into the body of Christ. This magazine will be providing valuable information on how saints can gain victory when they are contending for the souls of the lost. The magazine will tell you the error of the most popular false religions, and give you scriptural references to backup the gospel and the doctrine of Christ.

This is a fledgling effort on our part, and over the months, the magazine should show vast improvements. Until that time, I ask that you bear with us, and that you support us with your prayers, questions, opinions, comments, criticism, donations, and volunteer efforts. To find out how to get involved with the work of this ministry and how you can have your questions or opinions reflected in the magazine, please contact us at (205) 925-7733. or write to:

Lion of Judah Ministry

P. O. Box 28170

Midfield, AL 35228